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Wednesday, January 17, 2018

Chaauffeurdriven vacations for 2018 with Dovechauffeurdrive and Dave Hogan

An eagle, high in the sky over the Killarney mountains.

The journey into the New Year, 2018, has begun, and vacation planning is underway. This is the time of the year when my day is spent helping people to put together what will be a dream vacation for them, maybe a visit to Ireland that was always at the top of their long term dreams. Most of my clients will have Irish ancestry, but not all of them, as Ireland has a fascination for people from all over the world. No, you do not have to be Irish to visit this magical land.
This is a picture, taken in the Gap of Dunloe, a mountain gorge, carved through the Kerry mountains during the ice-age.
The land of Saints and Scholars, that is Ireland, and this round tower is just one of these still standing as reminders of the many abbeys and monasteries which were set up by the Catholic monks of bygone years. In these places, they trained many religious monks who were to carry the message to far off lands.
The Cliffs of Moher, a must for all to see. majestic, as they seem to gaze across the Atlantic ocean towards where many of our sons and daughters found a new home.
Who is this fine looking man, relaxing on the mountain side overlooking the lakes of Killarney?
OK...OK, yes, that is me.
Come and enjoy Ireland with me, but contact me soon as my diary
fills up pretty quickly.
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Thursday, December 21, 2017

Chauffeurdriven service in Ireland West and South West

A Christmas message to all of my dear friends in the USA.

This year i have sent very few Christmas cards, as i decided to make donations to some of my favourite charities instead, and hope that you understand. Postage charges, and other charges involved in the sending of cards, have risen so much in recent times, that when you consider the amount of charities suffering from a lack of funding at this time, it seemed like a much more sensible thing to do, bearing in mind the amount of cards i have traditionally sent. I did send a lot of e-cards, and maybe you got one of them. There was actually a bit of a hiccup with that also, as some people received a multiple of them accidentally. Sorry about that, if you were one of those people.

This past year has been a record year for Dovechauffeurdrive, and myself, and i am finishing this season off with many new and wonderful friends. You have all been so wonderful, and i thank you sincerely for that. If you really did enjoy your time with me, a mention of your vacation with me on Trip Advisor would be much appreciated. Also, if you have any friends planning on coming to Ireland, please tell them, that, if they do contact me, and mention your name, i will be only delighted to look after them.

The lovely picture of this wonderful quilt, which you see at the top of the page, is one of a magnificent patchwork quilt i received as a gift from two lovely ladies, Renee and Caryn, from Minnesota. who made this quilt for me.These ladies were part of a group of eight ladies from that area who toured with me, and i just had to show my appreciation for their kindness. Thank you so much. I am showing it off in my sitting room for the Christmas, after that it goes on my bed. I have many happy memories of some very special people from Minnesota. You will know who you are, i hope. I miss you.

Christmas is a very special time, and i hope that all of you have a wonderful time and a very special vacation.
Let us all hope and pray that the New Year ahead will be a better one for our world at large.

Happy Christmas to all.